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PerfectForm News & Updates

What a wonderful week we've had! We now can read and leave reviews for plans and coaches. Having the ability to read and see reviews will set your mind at ease before a purchase. Reviews also help us keep the quality of content on our marketplace high. If a plan or coach starts receiving too many low reviews, we can investigate and suspend content until any issues are resolved. Reviews are a significant feature, and I am super excited it's live!

We also got the first iteration of exercise history live. You can now see previous logs and notes for a specific exercise from the history tab. So if you can't remember what your back squat was last time, you tap the history tab to see all your previous entries and notes. The History tab is a very basic implementation right now. It will soon have many incredible features and become a valuable resource in your workouts.

We won't see any new big features over the next two weeks. We are using this time for some house cleaning. We are improving UX (user experience) throughout the apps and fixing some minor bugs.

On the business side of things, we are doing a big push to onboard new coaches and get some fresh content up on our marketplace. We made an awesome Coach CMS promo video, and you can watch it here.

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