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Part 2: 8 Steps to Create an Effective Online Fitness Program

In Part 1 we walked through the first 4 steps to Creating an Effective Online Fitness Program and now we wrap up this post with the last 4.

5. Rest Days

Another essential factor to include in your online plans is rest days. Your clients need to know how often to rest and that recovery is an integral part of the process. Detail out a brief section on why rest is important and how much of it they need to maximize energy and results.

6. Flexibility

Give your clients a few options for flexibility for both training and nutrition. You can have one general, reusable fitness plan that is laid out in a few different ways. For example, layout the option to zigzag their nutrition calorie deficit and training splits. Some people may prefer to workout 3-4 days a week, and others may prefer 5-6. Give options for both that lead to the same end goal. This will help you sell to a broader audience by allowing your plans to fit into different schedules. It could also benefit you to offer a workout plan that is adaptable to a home environment rather than a full gym. This can be sold to a broader audience or help your clients who may have access to both when they need to adapt.

7. Realistic Timeline

As the expert, clearly state a realistic timeline for client results.

Some people will give up far too early in the process, thinking the plan or their efforts are not working. When in reality, they may be super close to seeing the results they want. Layout practical expectations for them. This will help ease their nerves and keep them on track with their goals. Once they start seeing results, they're more likely to refer your program to their friends and family. This means more sales for you!

8. Easy App

These days, everything is done through our phones. Making your plan accessible through an app will get you more sales because you can have your clients use it anywhere, anytime. Gone are the days of sending clients plans through specific web portals, emails, and spreadsheets. People want to be able to pull up their plan at the gym by tapping their phone and following it easily. The easier your plan is to access, the greater it will sell to your intended audience.

When creating an excellent online training and nutrition plan, don't overcomplicate it. Give people only what they need, position yourself as the expert, and throw in a couple of options for them to adapt the plan as needed while continuously working towards their desired outcome. Make it easily accessible, include some generic FAQ, and you're set. All you need to do from here is lock in marketing on your end through social media and other sites, and once it reaches your niche audience, you'll start to see sales roll in.

There are tons of options out there for personal trainers to choose from when it comes to offering your content online. They all have pros and cons associated with them and every trainer has specific needs. Most of the options available charge to use their workout builders and tools to communicate with your clients, whether you are making money or not. You are also fully responsible for marketing your own content with no other alternative to being discovered. At PerfectForm we have created a marketplace for trainers and their plans to be easily discovered by clients in our community. Not only can you sell to your network, you can also access our network. PerfectForm doesn't think it's fair to charge you for our tools to build workouts and communicate with clients so we only make money when you do! We take a small transaction fee each time you sell one of your workout plans. This lets you use our marketplace and tools with zero risk, you will not be charged if you don't make any money. Our success comes from your success! If you want to learn more and see if you qualify to coach, apply right away on PerfectForm. (LEARN MORE)

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