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Part 1: 8 Steps to Create an Effective Online Fitness Program

Updated: May 26, 2022

Creating a fitness program that works well for someone isn't a one-and-done process. Each body is different, therefore each fitness program needs to be different. Fitness programs need to be tailored to meet someone where they're at in order to best help them get to where they want to go. Using these 8 steps, you can assemble an effective online fitness plan for your client by plugging in a few basic metrics and calculations. Once you know who your target audience is, you can better create an online fitness plan.

1. Starting Point

Before you plug and play with an online fitness plan for a client, you need to know their starting point. Consider your specialty to help narrow down who you're trying to reach and how you could reuse a general plan for that target client to reach a larger audience.

2. Goal

Many clients will generalize by stating they "want to get in shape" or "want to lose weight," but the deeper you dig, the better you can help them. Try to uncover the "why" of their goal and know the goal itself. When you come across as the expert, creating a section where you have your clients ask themselves their "why" and dig deep into their goals will help set you apart from the rest.

3. Exercise They Love

Not everyone loves the same type of exercises. Some people love running, and others hate it. Some think cardio is the only way to lose weight and skip out on the massive benefits of weight lifting simply because they don't know any better. Help identify the type of exercise your client has and hasn't tried and what they liked (or hated) about each. Assigning your clients a fitness plan loaded up with workouts they won't enjoy is a quick recipe for failure. Having a few paths that all lead to the same result will help you create a reusable online training plan.

4. Nutrition

As the saying goes, you can't out-exercise a bad diet. No matter how many calories your client may be burning a day, it won't matter if they eat junk. You need to help your client see the benefits of knowing their calories, macros, and eating clean. All within reason, of course. If you are extremely strict with your client right out of the gate, the chances of them slipping up and bingeing and then falling into a vicious cycle of weight gain and loss are high. DO NOT SET YOUR CLIENTS UP FOR FAILURE. Instead, help teach them the benefits of healthy eating while allowing them anything they desire in moderation. Recommend using MyFitnessPal as a free way for them to track both macros and calories effectively.

To be continued...

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